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Institutions responsible for Climate Change issues in Bangladesh

The following table provides a summary of roles and responsibility the key ministries and departments of the government and non-government organizations.

Name of Institution

Category (Gov inst., NGO, private etc)

Major Role/Responsibility of institution in relation to CC and CC related disaster

Ministry of Environment and Forests

Government Organizations

·      Climate Change Focal Point and responsible to comply with decision under the UNFCCC and KP.

·      This include preparation of national communication, formulation of national adaptation programme of action, providing approval of CDM projects, attending international negotiations, facilitating mainstreaming climate change at sectoral level.

Ministry of Planning

Government Organizations

Facilitate overall mid term and perspective planning. It also support sectoral planning and provide guidance. The General Economic Division of the Planning Commission has initiated a process to enhance institutional capacity of the GED to facilitate climate change in the planning perspective.

Department of Environment/ Climate Change Cell

Government Organizations

Carryout responsibilities given to them by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. They are hosting the Climate Change Cell under the CDMP.

Ministry of Finance

Government Organizations

Budget allocation. This is the first time that government has allocated resources to deal with adverse impacts of climate change from national budget

Ministry of Health/DG-Health

Government Organization

·         Deal with sensitive diseases to environment and climate. They lead countrywide diseases surveillance including malaria, diarrhea etc.

·         Ensure adequate availability of Ambulance, Medicine, Vaccine, Surgical Equipment the Thana Health Centres of disaster prone areas.

·         Educate people about health care through radio, television, newspaper and other media during floods and after cyclones.

·         Establish temporary hospitals in Health Sub-Centres and cyclone shelters to meet the emergency needs. If hospitals and Health Centres are destroyed by cyclone, then to set up improvised hospitals in cyclone shelters.

·         Ensure active participation in the meeting of Inter-ministerial Disaster Management Coordination Committee and coordinate with health related activities of other offices

Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD)

Government Organization

·         Keep ever careful watch over weather conditions, and ensure improvement of cyclone forecast procedures and supply of information on regular basis.

·         Ensure full time effectiveness of the quickest channel of communication for disseminating weather warnings to all concerned. Fax arrangement must be established between SWC of Meteorological Department and Radio, Television and the Ministry of  food and Disaster

·         Prepare and submit Special Weather Bulletin and broadcast/publicise the same through national news media such as the all stations of Radio and Television and in national newspapers for the benefit of the general people.


Ministry of Food and Disaster Management

Government Organizations

·         Deal with natural disasters and ensure availability of food at country level.

·         Review the own Action Plan of the Ministry on disaster management every 3 (three) months.

·         Identify the disaster prone Thanas and special disaster prone areas under such Thana and the population likely to be affected by the disaster.

·         Update the list of foreign and private agencies willing to participate in the disaster preparedness, emergency response and rehabilitation programmes.

·         Arrange meetings of the National Disaster Management Council and Inter-MinisterialDisaster Management Coordination Committee to assess the disaster preparedness ofdifferent Ministries, agencies, departments, local governments, autonomous bodies, CPP,Red Crescent, NGOs, etc.


Ministry of Water Resources/Bangladesh Water Development Board

Government Organization

·         The Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre (FFWC) of Bangladesh Water Development Board will act as Focal Point and the Deputy Director in Charge of the Centre will act as Liaison Officer.

·         Construct embankment in disaster prone coasts and islands according to designs approved by the government.

·         Undertake operation of sluice gates and other water discharging devices in completed embankment areas.

·         Monitor continuously the condition of the embankment and repair the breaches and weak points in adequate manner.

·         Operate the Flood Forecasting and Warning Center from April up to November.



Ministry of Agriculture, BIRI, BARC, BARI

Government Organizations

·         Development of different crop varieties resilient to different climate stresses. Carryout research

·         Arrange for keeping stocks of seeds, fertilizers and insecticides.

·         Arrange for stock of seeds suitable for the disaster prone areas.

·         Arrange for seedling beds according to season and keep them in stock (to be done in

        places nearer to disaster prone areas).

·         Arrange to keep power tillers at Thana Headquarters of the disaster prone areas to meet emergency requirement of land cultivation.

·         Arrange for training of various level of officers for participation in different steps of

        cyclone preparedness activities.

·         Arrange to allocate funds for the purchase and distribution of seeds, fertilizers, implements for post disaster relief operations.

Ministry of Information

Government Organization

·         Popularize the techniques for preparedness and survival during pre-disaster, disaster and post-disaster period including leaflets/booklets supplied by the Disaster Management Bureau and concerned Ministry through television, Radio and other publicity media.

·         Arrange wide publicity with the help of mass media about the cyclone and flood warning signals with necessary explanations (Director, Meteorological Department will provide details of explanatory notes in simple and easily understandable language).

·         Ensure strict performance of the allotted duties by Radio, Bangladesh Television, News Media, Press Information Department, Mass Communication Department and Films and Publications Department/normal times and specially during cautionary / warning and disaster stages.


Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Coopratives, and its associated organizations

Government Organizations

·         Encourage local government agencies for building roads, bridges and culverts for communication to cyclone shelters and growth centers

·         Encourage the people of cyclone prone areas to construct at least one brick buildresidential building with one small room. Advise people to keep the foundations of their residence above flood level

·         Prepare maps showing population concentration and deep wells, protected pond and other sources of drinking water

·         Ensure reserve stock of tube wells and spare parts

·         Ensure availability of drinking water at times of need.

·          Keep in touch with local administration on whole time basis.

·         Direct local government institutions for extending assistance to the Deputy Commissioner and the Thana Executive Officer for rescue and relief operations.

·         Ensure availability of repair workers for emergency repair of damaged tube wells in every affected Thanas. Send technicians from unaffected areas to the affected areas.

Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS)

Government Organizations

Research on climate change related issues

Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS)

Research Organization (Non-government)

Research, training, policy advocacy, and implementation related to climate change and climate variability issues



Intergovernmental Organization

Research and implementation

Centre for Environment  and Geographic Information Services

Research Institute (Trustee)

Research and implementation

Institute of Water Modelling

Research Institute (Trustee)

Research and training